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Water Main Breaks

Sequence of work
• Our crews isolate the pipe by shutting off valves and temporarily placing the water supply out-of-service for the time necessary to make the repairs
• After repair or replacement of the broken pipe, it is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and flushed prior to being reconnected to the system.

After the crews have gone
Please be aware of the following-
• New pipe, like any new container, can produce a new pipe taste and/or odor. This is not uncommon and will usually go away after a while. It is not in any way harmful, only aesthetically displeasing. 

  • After a main repair, you may see discoloration in your water caused by system flushing.
  • Air trapped in the plumbing is a relatively common problem, especially in older homes. Trapped air may cause noisy plumbing, ranging from a vibrating sound to repetitive jack-hammer noises.
  • You can get rid of the discoloration and trapped air by running cold water for a few minutes through a tap without an aerator, such as the bathtub or outside spigot. 
  • If discoloration, low pressure or trapped air continue for an extended period of time, please contact Customer Service at 719.256.4310

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