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The District will bill the Availability of Service fees once a year, with a due date of June 30.  A late fee of $20.00 will be accessed if not paid by then.

AOS fees are charged on unimproved property if the property has infrastructure for water and sewer service within 100 feet of the property line. The annual AOS fee in the amount of $200 per year, per lot will be billed at the end of January.

The District has 65 miles of distribution system and 45 miles of collection system designed to provide 2360 lots with water and sewer service. Regardless of each lot owner’s decision to connect to the system, the capital infrastructure provides a benefit through its availability to the lot and lot values are enhanced as a result of this availability.

The AOS fee is specifically used to repay debt incurred for capital infrastructure which has been financed by the District. Although customers paying the AOS fee are not connected to the capital infrastructure, the cost of the capital infrastructure must be appropriately distributed among those who are connected and receiving service, and those who are receiving the benefit of the availability to receive water and sewer service.