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Chalet I - Lots 1501-2000

Lots 1501 - 1599 
LotTap Fee StatusNotesAvailability of Service (AOS)
1501-CPaid1501 and 1502 ConsolidatedAOS
1503Not PaidAOS
1504-CPaid1504 & 1505 ConsolidatedAOS
1507Paid No AOS
1508Paid No AOS
1509Paid No AOS
1510Paid No AOS
1511Paid1511, 1512, 1513 ConsolidatedFull AOS
1517Not Paid AOS
1523Paid AOS
1524Paid AOS
1525Paid AOS
1526Paid AOS
1527Paid AOS
1538Paid AOS
1539Not Paid AOS
1542Paid AOS
1548Paid AOS
1554Paid AOS
1555Paid AOS
1556Paid No AOS
1557Paid No AOS
1558Paid No AOS
1559Paid AOS
1562Paid1562, 1563, 1564 ConsolidatedAOS
1565Not Paid AOS
1566Not Paid AOS
1567Not Paid AOS
1568Paid1568, 1569, 1570, 1571, 1572, & 1578 Consolidated.No AOS
1575Paid AOS
1576Paid No AOS
1577Not PaidNo AOS
1578Paid1578 Consolidated with 1568, 1569, 1570, 1571, & 1572No AOS
1579-CRPaid1579,1580,1581, 1582, 1583, 1584, 1585, 1586, 1587, 1588 and 1589 Consolidated (Tap pd on 1589 & 1581-C)AOS
Lots 1601 - 1699 
LotTap StatusNotesAvailability of Service (AOS)
1601Tap fee paid AOS
1602Tap fee paid AOS
1603Tap fee paid AOS
1604Tap fee paid AOS
1608Tap fee paid AOS
1609Tap fee paid AOS
1610Tap fee paid AOS
1611-CTap fee paid1611 & 1612 ConsolidatedAOS
1614Tap not paid AOS
1616Tap not paid AOS
1617Tap not paid AOS
1621Tap fee paid AOS
1622Tap not paid AOS
1623-CTap fee paid1623 & 1624 ConsolidatedAOS
1635Tap not paid AOS
1636Tap fee paid AOS
1637-CTap fee paid1637 & 1638 ConsolidatedAOS
1641Tap not paid AOS
1642Tap fee paid1642 & 1643 ConsolidatedAOS
1644Tap fee paid AOS
1645Tap fee paid AOS
1646Tap fee paid AOS
1652Tap fee paid AOS
1653Tap not paid AOS
1654Tap fee paid AOS
1656Tap fee paid AOS
1657Tap not paid AOS
1658Tap fee paid AOS
1660Tap fee paid AOS
1661Tap fee paid AOS
1662-CTap not paid1662 & 1663  ConsolidatedAOS
1664Tap fee paid AOS
1665-CTap not paid1665 - 1666 ConsolidatedAOS
1667-CTap not paid1667-1668 ConsolidatedAOS
1669Tap not paid AOS
1670Tap not paid AOS
1672Tap not paid AOS
1676-CTap not paid1676 & 1677 ConsolidatedAOS
1681Tap not paid AOS
1683Tap fee paid AOS
1684Tap fee paid AOS
1685Tap not paid AOS
1686Tap not paid AOS
1687Tap not paid AOS
1688Tap fee paid AOS
1693-CTap fee paid1693 & 1694 Consolidated AOS
1696-CTap not paid1662 - 1663 & 1696, 1697, 1698 ConsolidatedNo AOS
1699Tap fee paid No AOS
Lots 1701 - 1799 
LotTap StatusNotesAvailability of Service (AOS)
1700Tap fee paid AOS
1701Tap fee paid AOS
1703Tap not paid AOS
1704Tap not paid AOS
1705Tap not paid AOS
1706Tap fee paid AOS
1707Tap fee paid AOS
1708Tap fee paid AOS
1713Tap not paid AOS
1714Tap fee paid AOS
1715Tap fee paid AOS
1716Tap not paid AOS
1717Tap not paidAOS
1718Tap fee  paidAOS
1719Tap fee paid AOS
1726Tap fee paid Full AOS
1727Tap fee paid No AOS
1728Tap not paid No AOS
1729Tap not paid No AOS
1730Tap not paid No AOS
1731-CTap fee paid1731, 1732, & 1733 ConsolidatedAOS
1737Tap fee paid AOS
1738-CTap fee paid1738 & 1739 ConsolidatedAOS
1743Tap fee paid AOS
1744Tap fee paid AOS
1745Tap fee paid AOS
1746Tap fee paid AOS
1753Tap not paid AOS
1754Tap fee paid AOS
1755Tap fee paid AOS
1758Tap not paid AOS
1759Tap fee paid AOS
1760Tap fee paid AOS
1761Tap fee paid AOS
1762Tap fee paid AOS
1763Tap fee paid AOS
1764-CTap not paid1764 & 1765 ConsolidatedAOS
1767Tap fee paid Full AOS
1768Tap fee paid Full AOS
1769Tap fee paid No AOS
1770Tap not paid Full AOS
1771Tap fee paid Full AOS
1772Tap fee paid No AOS
1775Tap fee paid AOS
1778Tap not paid AOS
1786Tap fee paid AOS
1787Tap fee paid AOS
1788-CRTap fee paid1788, 1789, 1790, 1791, 1792, 1793 ConsolidatedAOS
1794Tap fee paid AOS
1795Tap not paid AOS
1796Tap fee paid AOS
1797Tap fee paid AOS
1799-CTap not paid1799 & 1800 ConsolidatedAOS
Lots 1801 - 1899 
LotTap Fee StatusNotesAvailability of Service (AOS)
1804Not Paid AOS
1805Not Paid Water Only
1806Not Paid No AOS
1807Not Paid No AOS
1808Not Paid No AOS
1809Not Paid No AOS
1810Not Paid No AOS
1811-CNot Paid1811 & 1812 ConsolidatedNo AOS
1813Not Paid No AOS
1814Paid No AOS
1815Not Paid No AOS
1816Not Paid No AOS
1817Paid No AOS
1818Paid No AOS
1819Paid No AOS
1820Paid No AOS
1821Not Paid No AOS
1822Tap fee paid No AOS
1823Not Paid No AOS
1824Not Paid No AOS
1825Not Paid No AOS
1826Paid No AOS
1827Paid No AOS
1828Paid Full AOS
1829Paid No AOS
1830Not Paid No AOS
1831Not Paid No AOS
1832Paid No AOS
1833Not Paid No AOS
1834Not Paid No AOS
1835Not Paid No AOS
1836Not Paid No AOS
1837Not Paid No AOS
1838Not Paid No AOS
1839Not Paid No AOS
1840Not Paid No AOS
1841Not Paid No AOS
1842Not Paid AOS
1843Not Paid No AOS
1844Not Paid No AOS
1845Paid No AOS
1846Paid No AOS
1847Paid AOS
1848-CPaid1848 & 1849 ConsolidatedAOS
1850Not Paid No AOS
1851Not Paid No AOS
1852Not Paid No AOS
1853Not Paid No AOS
1856Not Paid AOS
1857Paid AOS
1858Not Paid AOS
1859Paid AOS
1860Not Paid AOS
1861Not Paid AOS
1869-CPaid1869, 1870 & 1871 ConsolidatedAOS
1872-CRRPaid1872, 1873, 1874 & 1875 ConsolidatedAOS
1876Not Paid AOS
1877Not Paid AOS
1878Not Paid AOS
1879Not Paid AOS
1883-CPaid1883 & 1884 ConsolidatedAOS
1892Paid No AOS
1893Paid No AOS
1894-CPaid1894, 1895, & 1896 ConsolidatedNo AOS
1897Tap fee paid No AOS
1898Not Paid AOS
1899Not Paid AOS
Lots 1901 - 2000 
LotTap StatusNotesAvailability of Service (AOS)
1900-CTap fee paid1900,1901, & 1902 ConsolidatedNo AOS
1903-CTap fee paid1903, 1904, 1905 & 1906 ConsolidatedAOS
1907Tap not paid AOS
1908Tap fee paid AOS
1909Tap not paid AOS
1910Tap fee paid AOS
1911Tap fee paid AOS
1912Tap fee paid AOS
1913Tap fee paid AOS
1915Tap not paid AOS
1916Tap fee paid AOS
1917Tap not paid AOS
1918Tap fee paid AOS
1919Tap not paid AOS
1920Tap fee paid AOS
1921Tap not paid AOS
1922Tap not paid AOS
1924Tap not paid AOS
1925Tap not paid AOS
1926Tap fee paid AOS
1931Tap not paid AOS
1933-CTap paid1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937 ConsolidatedAOS
1938Tap not paid AOS
1944-CTap fee paid1944 & 1945 ConsolidatedAOS
1946Tap fee paid AOS
1947Tap fee paid AOS
1948Tap fee paid AOS
1949-CTap fee paid1949 & 1950 ConsolidatedAOS
1951Tap not paid AOS
1952Tap fee paid AOS
1953Tap not paid AOS
1954Tap not paid AOS
1955Tap fee paid AOS
1956Tap not paid AOS
1957Tap not paid AOS
1958Tap fee paid AOS
1961Tap not paid1961 & 2009 ROADAOS
1962Tap fee paid AOS
1963Tap not paid AOS
1964Tap fee paid AOS
1979-CTap fee paid1979 & 1980 ConsolidatedAOS
1987Tap not paid No AOS
1988Tap not paid No AOS
1989Tap not paid No AOS
1990Tap not paid No AOS
1991Tap not paid No AOS
1992Tap not paid No AOS
1993Tap not paid No AOS
1994Tap not paid No AOS
1995Tap not paid No AOS
1996Tap not paid No AOS
1997Tap not paid No AOS
1998Tap not paid AOS
1999Tap fee paid1999, 2000 & 2006 ConsolidatedAOS