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 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system 

 All Baca Grande Water And Sanitation District customers can pay their utility bills 24/7 with our
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system  
Here is another fast and convenient way for you to pay your bills 24/7, no computer necessary!
Simply call toll-free

  • What is the IVR system?
    The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system provides you with a complete bill payment system over the phone.
    You can pay your bills anytime, anywhere.
    All you need is a phone.
  • How does it work?
    Dial the toll-free number 888-504-0548 and provide your account number to locate your bill.
    The IVR system will tell you your account balance, the payment due date, and then guide you to make your payment using a credit card, debit card, or eCheck.
    You are provided with a confirmation number and notified whether the transaction was successful or not.
    At the end of the call, you have the option to set up Auto Pay.
    Additionally, you may call the payment center (800-720-6847) and make payments over the phone with a live operator.
    Both the IVR system and our payment center offer service in English and Spanish. (Note: Payment
    center Spanish service hours vary.)
    If you have questions about IVR, call Xpress Bill Pay at 800-766-2350. Xpress Bill Pay is the online payment portal for Baca Grande Water and Sanitation District.