Baca Grande Water & Sanitation District’s (BGWSD) mission is to provide high quality, reliable, water supply and environmentally responsible treatment of wastewater with a commitment to service excellence for the well-being of the community in the most efficient and economical manner.

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There are no road closures currently in effect. Detours on Ridgecrest Way, Rarity Way, Prosperity Way and Greenview Court road have been removed.

On October 27, 2014 there will be a road closure on North Carefree Way, details will follow soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Please call 256-4310 if you have any questions.

2014 Distribution System Improvements
October 13, 2014 Update

The District has retained an independent contractor to work on a series of projects intended to reduce potable water losses from the District’s distribution system.  The overall effort includes the installation of three pressure reducing valve (PRV) vaults and over 500 feet of new pipe in six locations at the southern end of the District.  Minimal service interruptions are anticipated but will be communicated to those that will be affected.  Traffic control operations may necessitate vehicular detours in the vicinity of the work.  The project is scheduled for completion in late-October and a current construction schedule is detailed below.

Week of August 18:  Pre-construction meeting and equipment/materials mobilization.  Construction staking was performed.

Week of August 25:   Equipment and materials mobilization.

Week of September 2:  Waterline interconnect at Camino Del Rey and Graceful Way.

September 8 to September 16:  Complete waterline interconnect at Camino Del Rey and Graceful Way.  Begin waterline interconnect on Rarity Way between Cordial Way and Lovers Way.

Week of September 15:  Waterline interconnect on Rarity Way between Cordial Way and Lovers Way. 

Week of September 22:  Complete waterline interconnect on Rarity Way between Cordial Way and Lovers Way.  Begin PRV vault installation in Carefree Way near Camino Del Rey.

Week of September 29:  PRV vault installation in Jubilant Way near Virtue Way.

Week of October 6:  Waterline interconnect at Jubilant Way and Virtue Way.

Week of October 13:  PRV vault installation in Ridgecrest Way near Green View Court.

Week of October 27:  Install PRVs in each of the vaults and perform project clean-up and closeout.

BGWSD Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors of the Baca Grande Water and Sanitation District, are typically held on the third Friday of each month, at 8:00 A.M., at 57 Baca Grant Way South.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for Friday, November 21, 2014 at 8:00 A.M.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, pursuant to § 32-1-1001(2)(a), C.R.S., the Board of Directors for the

Baca Grande Water and Sanitation District (the “District”) will consider the fix and/or increase of fees,

rates, tolls, penalties or charges for water and/or sanitary service at a public meeting to be held on Friday,

November 21, 2014, at 8:00 A.M., at the Baca Grande Water and Sanitation District Office, 57 Baca

Grant Way, Crestone, Colorado.  Any interested member of the public may attend the public meeting.


Capital Improvements Highlight September Board Meeting
Budget Workshop Scheduled in October

Capital projects, including water system improvements approved by the District Board in July and meter transmitter replacements, continue to have much of the Baca Grande Water & Sanitation District’s focus.  Additionally, in preparation for adopting the 2015 annual budget in November, the Board will hold a special ‘budget workshop/planning’ meeting in early October.

Water System Improvements in Chalet II Underway
Work on the water distribution system improvements project to reduce potable water losses began in early September and is scheduled to be completed in mid-October. Minimal service interruptions have been experienced so far, and District staff will communicate anticipated interruptions to affected customers as the project progresses. Detours are likely in the area including South Carefree Way, Jubilant Way and Ridgecrest Way as the work moves to these areas. A detailed project schedule is posted on the District’s website and updates are being posted as work progresses.

Water Meter Transmitter Replacement Project Approved
Funded in part by a grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, the Board awarded a contract to Gardner Excavating of Alamosa in the amount of $48,130 for the replacement of 420 meter transmitters which are not operating properly.  The project is important to fully implement the District’s tiered billing structure and is scheduled for completion in late October.

As we suggested last month, when you’re out and about in the District, slow down, be alert to those bright construction vests and hardhats, follow directions, and give our hard working staff and construction crews a friendly smile. 

Budget Workshop and Planning Retreat Scheduled
The BGWSD Board will hold a special meeting, including staff and consultants to discuss long range projects and deferred maintenance projects needing attention as well as to work on the 2015 budget.  A committee of staff, consultants and one board member has met to review current year expenses and prepare preliminary projections that will form the foundation for the budget discussion.  With the possibility that rates and/or the mill levy may need to be increased, notice was included in August bills as required by law. 

“We are clear that there are areas where our entire team must be more efficient,” noted District Manager Lisa Johnson of SDMS, “and, the District has maintenance needs that have been deferred that also need to be addressed.”  Board and staff have a long list of projects that will benefit the District and each will be reviewed in terms of the benefit to customers and the long term viability of the District’s water and sanitary sewer systems.

The special meeting will be held at the District office, 57 Baca Grant Way South, beginning at 1:30pm on Wednesday, October 8 and the public is encouraged to attend.

In other business, the Board adopted a resolution certifying 261 delinquent water and sewer fee accounts in the amount of $80,949.68 to the Saguache County Treasurer for collection. The vast majority of these are Availability of Service (AOS) fees.  These fees are used solely toward payment of the District’s bonds and help distribute costs across a larger customer base, thus are an important part of keeping rates at reasonable levels.

2014 Consumer Confidence Report (for Calendar Year 2013)

The Baca Grande Water and Sanitation District is pleased to present this year's water quality report.

2014 CCR

2014 Transparency Notice Adobe PDF
2014 Adopted Budget Adobe PDF

Corrosion Control Study

The 2012 Corrosion Control Study for the Baca Grande Water and Sanitation District is now available for download. You will need Acrobat Reader to download this file.Adobe PDF

Corrosion Control Study
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Baca Grande Water and Sanitation District Rules & Regulations Adobe PDF

2014 Resolution Amending Rules and Regulations (2012 Issue)
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Please note that the District office will be closed 12:30-1:30 daily for lunch.